We’re lowering our costs to make our 
Jesuit, Catholic education more accessible, more affordable. 

Spring Hill's tuition will be $21,100 as 
of fall 2021 and will be among the most affordable private colleges in the country. 

We’re changing as the world changes, to help shape a future that’s more real world.

Spring Hill College is


So lowering our price is just part of our story. What’s real is that Spring Hill isn’t just a college, it’s an experience. Its value is all around us, every day.

At Spring Hill, we’re doers.

We’re curious and inspired. In the classroom. By our new programs. By how the College is changing as the world changes. So we can discover our true strengths and turn them into action, in the real world.

We’ll make the world better and brighter because more students than ever before will get their chance to make their mark, at Spring Hill College.

Spring Hill College Students 
Are Real World Ready

Spring Hill College  
is reducing tuition 
by nearly 50%

Spring Hill College Students Are 
Real World Ready

What makes 
SHC unique?

Spring Hill College is a Jesuit, Catholic liberal arts college with a history of a commitment to not only our students, but also the community and world we live in. Our students are leaders, with a focus on faith, justice and service. Our graduates are successful and committed to what’s right, what’s good, what’s real world.

Join the next generation of leaders at Spring Hill College.

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New Costs to Attend

Tuition & Fees
Reduced approximately 50 percent, from $41,868 in 2020 

to $21,100 in the Fall of 2021. 

Room & Board
All room and board rates will be reduced by $3,262.

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