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What makes 
SHC unique?

Spring Hill College is a Jesuit, Catholic liberal arts college with a history of a commitment to not only our students, but also the community and world we live in. Our students are leaders, with a focus on faith, justice and service. Our graduates are successful and committed to what’s right, what’s good, what’s real world.

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Spring Hill College.

 Costs to Attend

Tuition & Fees
Reduced approximately 50 percent, 

from $41,868 to $21,100. 

Room & Board
All room and board rates will be reduced by $3,262.

Junior Andrew CastleJunior Lourdes Tuñón
Alumna Madeleine AckelsAlumna Breanne BizetteAlumna Emily GreimJunior Mary Boulton
Senior Nic Johnson
Alumna Sami Maurer

A Perfect Partnership: 
Spring Hill College and Dauphin Island Sea Lab

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Spring Hill College

24 National Rankings Announced 
for Spring Hill College


As one of the most affordable private colleges in the country, we’re committed to providing a high-quality, Jesuit, Catholic, liberal arts education that prepares student for real world opportunities when they graduate.

“Here, at Spring Hill College, we’re doers.” Our students are curious and inspired – working to discover their true strengths so they can turn ideas into action. To make their mark in the real world.

At Spring Hill College

every student can

feel they're

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 some form of financial aid, from merit-based grants for service and academic achievement to special scholarships for athletes, transfer students, family members of alumni, and more.